Windows 7 installation woes - CPU to blame?


Oct 15, 2012
Hey all,

First, I hope "prebuilt" was the right selection here. This was a machine I got a local shop to put together for me, based on a list of parts I assembled with help from a poster here at Tom's Hardware.

When I try to install Windows 7 from the DVD onto the SSD, here are the situations I've seen:

- the blue wallpaper comes up, but the big popup where you select language etc doesn't appear
- it does appear, but there's no mouse cursor
- or it does appear, and I start the install, and then there's a Blue Screen of Death.

Unfortunately I have run out of patience so I don't have a photo of the screen from the BSOD, but it was something about waiting on a secondary processor and it suggested turning off shadowing and/or caching (??) in the BIOS.

What I'm wondering is this: the machine has an i7-2700K processor in it, but despite the fact that the store told me that they were going to be getting new processors in today, they used the returned one they showed me at the store on Sunday. I know because I got all the boxes, and the box for the CPU has the "open box, 10% off" sticker on it.

So question is... what could be to blame for this?

Since sometimes the problems occur BEFORE installation begins, I don't think it can be the SSD.
Logically then it seems like the CPU is the easiest thing to blame... but I don't know that much about hardware, so maybe someone has a better idea.

For now, back to the old system... *sigh*