Question Windows 7 Keeps on losing Bass.


Sep 22, 2013
System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Audio Driver: : Sound Blaster Recon. Creative Labs CT9570 Audio Chip.

For the past few months my bass has been disappearing randomly. It happens when i go afk or not have sound on for a bit, like if i pause a video. Sometimes it doesnt happen. I have my computer connected to external speakers since my actual speakers are blown. I have had it this way for about a year with no issues. When this did happen at first i tested it on multiple headsets, just to see if it was my speakers, but it does this for the headsets too. It has to be windows. I have a Dell so i went to the site to download the driver from there and uninstalled and reinstalled but no fix. There is a temporary fix but it requires me to restart the computer everytime this happens, and as you can imagine it gets annoying to do that every single time it does this, so i need a permanent fix. I most recently tried updating windows because sometimes that helps but that didnt do anything. Idk what else to do...Any ideas on whats going on here? What can i do?