Windows 7 lags in ever game


Jul 16, 2012
Hello, i have pc with gts 250 and 32 inch tv. every game i play lags like hell it will not stop nor it will dispear what should i do. gts 250 can run gta 4 and just cause and just cause 2 at max why does it lag. i have tired this to these games just cause 2 gta 4
gta 4 eflc just cause and more games that i dont remeber right now
you need to turn the settings rite down. leave the textures as is but everything like soft shadows needs to be off. the gts 250 is a re-badged 9800gtx so will do 1080i not 1080p so your automatically reduced to 30 fps so reducing the settings a bit will up your fps to 30 minimum.


Have you tried what HEXiT suggested to do. He is one of the go guys on here and 97% of the time he is right on the money? Anyway I need to know how much RAM and what OS you are using like Vista or Win 7 64bit or 32bit?

I also need to know what your PSU is brand and it's wattage. Are all your games Steam related or are they required to go through Steam? We can rule out a temp problem.

Have you updated all of your drivers not just the GPU but all of your drivers? Get back to us on what you have done and give us the answers that I have asked for and thanks.



Thanks for getting back. Your PSU is inside your case so you will have to open up one side and it should be the left side if you are looking strait at your tower. There should be a sticker on the side of your Power Supply (PSU).

On the sticker you will see the brand or model # with a lot of numbers. If you could take a picture of it or just write down all the numbers and then list them here. The RAM can be found in System properties.

Click on start menu look for computer and click on it. Almost to the top above drive c you will see some links to click on. The links are Organize, System Properties, Uninstall or Change Program, Map network Drive, and Open control panel.

Click on System Properties. That will bring up most of your rig and the RAM will be listed. Are all of your games from Steam? You might try playing your games on the lowest settings as possible and see if it lags.

Also please try what HEXiT has stated. It could be the fix and we won't have to go through all this. There is a Thing that Steam allows you to use and that is to Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

It might help and it might not and in your case having a GTS 250 and playing the newer games of today might not cut it so well. It should not lag on low settings. Are your temps in the norms.

If so what are they and what program are you using to monitor them? Get back to us with answers to the questions and we can go from there. Good luck.

NOTE: When in Steam, left click on Games. Then left click on view Games Library. Right click on the Game. Then left click on properties. Then left click on local files. Then left click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache.