Question Windows 7 "My Computer" list drives is not responding

Jan 16, 2019
Windows 7 "My Computer" list drives is not responding in Windows Explorer, but CAN access each drive individually no problem

Trying to really get the wording right on this since I can't find any good Google searches that all bring up different problems.

Every time I click on "My Computer" either from Windows 7 start menu or just navigating to it in WE, the whole thing times out and freezes "Not Responding" indefinitely. However, I CAN access each drive (C, D, Externals, SD card) from the drop down list on the side bar without any issue. No problems copy, writing files between any of those, I just can't ****ing see the whole list of drives and their visual representation of space remaining on the typical "My Computer" window display.

Sorry if this isn't clear but it's extremely common window I use every single day that I suddenly can't get to. Anyone familiar with this bug? Killin the frozen WE My Computer window and restarting WE doesn't fix the problem, consistently freezes. Thanks.
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