Windows 7 no sound

Oct 7, 2018
So a day ago i did a thread with this problem:
"i did a fresh installation of windows 7 in my asus n53sv and everything worked fine after installing the drivers from the asus website until i noticed i have no sound, it says there isnt an output audio device connected. I tried to update drivers, reinstall drivers, unninstall and restart the system, everything and it didnt work. after that i did a dual boot with linux mint and when i booted into linux mint the sound was working perfectly so i guess it isnt an hardware problem. pls help me im getting desperate. Couldnt find anything useful in the internet, nothing works.
Oh, in device manager there isnt a sound, video and game controllers tab, there is a High Definition Audio Driver with a yellow exclamation mark on it under system devices tab".

I was advised to use driver booster and i did use it and he updated 14 drivers all successfully... i still dont have sound, but now, in device manager the usb driver with exclamation mark disappeared and the high definition audio driver disappeared but this one appeared : Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio - 1C20
it has a yellow exclamation mark on it. it is the only driver with this yellow mark and i have tried to automatically update it, and i tried to look for hardware changes and nothing happened. Also in driver booster it says all of my drivers are up to date now. Can someone help me finding a solution?

I also tried to search for the hardware id of this driver and i got into this website, but i dont know which driver to download :
i dont even know if this website is safe


May 12, 2004
I had a very similar problem a while back after reinstalling all my drivers, and the problem (I forget exactly what but I think it was boot issue) was traced back to Microsoft's "Intel" device drivers.

I wish I could remember the fix, but I *do* know DO NOT USE THE INTEL C220 DRIVERS FROM MICROSOFT (installed automatically) as they are incorrect (at least they were for me, and maybe you too.)

Try disabling each one one at a time (Device Manager | System Devices), rebooting each time, to see if anything changes. If so, see if your MoBo driver CD has the proper versions (don't allow Driver Booster to install them either because they get them from MS.)



Oct 1, 2018
It's definitely drivers issue.
Try to reinstall them and be sure you set up those which suit your system requirements.
Oct 7, 2018

i disabled each one one at a time and rebooted each time and nothing really happened, i looked for the installation cd but i couldnt find it, this pc is more than 5 years old already so...

now at device manager i have the high definition audio driver with the yellow exclamation mark at system devices tab and there isnt a sound, video and game controllers tab. I dont know what else to try

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