Windows 7 Notebook restarts randomly


Sep 4, 2014
Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with my notebook. It's an MSI notebook with an i7 2670 QM, a nvidia gtx 570m and 16gb RAM.

It starts some weeks ago that my notebook just restarts without bluescreen, there was just a black screen and some seconds later it boots again. Until now, this happens more often, sometimes once in a few hours, sometimes twice in 30 minutes. It happens while gaming as well as when pressing a link on a website. It does not restart when I do nothing just when klicking or playing something. Because the notebook is 2.5 years old there's no guarantee anymore and I don't know if it's a soft- or a hardware problem.

I would appreciate any help or ideas what the problem could be. Thanks in advance!

ps: the automatic restart is turned off already.
I would start by downloading and running MemTest86 - it's possible your RAM has gone bad. It will run from a bootable CD or USB drive, so it should run even if you have a driver conflict. You should also do a full AV/malware scan.

Have you updated any components or drivers recently? New programs?

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