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Windows 7 OEM vs. Upgrade?


Mar 1, 2006

I have just decided after using the windows 7 RC on my desktop that I want to purchase Windows 7. I was originally looking at the OEM home premium x64 version on newegg.com for about $100.
However, I have the option of buying Windows 7 Pro x64 UPGRADE through my University for $45.

My desktop currently runs xp 32bit on one HD and 7 RC x64 on another HD.

I have read some people's posts all across the internet about working with the upgrade version and there is an option to do a custom install of windows 7, bypassing the whole 'upgrade' idea. My university website confirms the lack of support for a total XP upgrade and says a clean install must be done, which I wish to do anyways.

So at the end of it all, would it be worth it to just buy the upgrade version for cheap to do a clean install? Or is the OEM version the best way to install windows 7?




Just get the upgrade version, whichever drive you put it on, XP or W7 RC both will require a clean install.
Getting the upgrade will allow you to reuse it if you upgrade the motherboard and cpu or move it to another computer. The OEM version is locked in to the computer that it's installed on a major upgrade like replacing m/board and cpu is deemed a new computer.
To save your data and settings from XP, use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard.
To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard:
Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.
For help with upgrading from XP go to:


Jan 8, 2010
Yes, like Jonmor68 said, it worth to get the upgrade, I've just done mine, though a little twist since I haven't done any search before operation... worth it i still should say.
Actually i do the upgrade for the first time and when it finished,also it is freezed...Then get back to my Vista and do a clean install works well
Thank god i do backed up my computer use Easeus todo backup, or what it may cost...

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