Question Windows 7 Pro; alt-tab bug, main window flicker, deletes text search


Dec 31, 2015
hey guys i could really use some help with an issue ive been having and ive never run into this issue until like 2 weeks ago. i've been using windows 7 pro for years.

basically the desktop windows manager seems to be having issues with alt-tab, start menu, windows explorer search, the window on top flickers. windows key+tab seems to work. possibly it has something to do with the task bar? i think most of the windows+other key shortcuts function except the ones using similar function as alt-tab, because windows+t key disappears right away too.

brief descriptions

1) when i try and use the alt-tab short cut, it will show the windows that are open, but the alt-tab line of windows will disappear really fast and i am unable to scroll through them with alt tab or even click with mouse. however if i use only the mouse to hover over them 85% of the time i can click a window and go through them this way.

2) when trying to use start menu, i can use it similarly as above 85% of the time if i click on start menu and type text in the start menu search i am able to type/search before it will close. however if i try to click anything after start menu opens it will close.

3) main windows are having a flickering effect on the borders, it primarily seems to happen in the windows explorer windows, but some times happens on game windows, web browser windows, etc. although one issue with this that is limited to only windows explorer tabs are that i can not move them correctly without them quickly snapping back to where they were before. if i do quick short bursts of moving the windows i can move them to stay where i want to put them, but i have like 1 full second at most. on top of that when i try to type in the windows explorer search bar, it either deletes the text within a second or enters it and starts the search before i complete what im typing.

when this issue first presented itself i thought it might of been because i used The MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix. so i used windows restore and reverted to a previous back up, but the problem persisted and i could not figure out how to fix it or what was the cause. i then decided to completely reformat my system with a clean windows 7 pro install and everything worked fine for about a week and now the problem is back. i have not applied the mouse acceleration fix and can not for the life of me figure out the cause. i used a few different virus scanners, hitman, malware bytes and couple others, results were clean. i removed them except malware bytes.

what programs do you guys use to run diagnostics? would any help find and solve this problem? i could record a short video of my desktop to preview the issues, but im not sure what the easiest program to do that with is. ive never really been that interested in streaming or recording.

i found a thread on microsoft answers page, but everyone seemed to have different answers to fix the problem and im not too keen on having to go through them and try each one, but if i have to i will. i did try enabling/disabling aeropeak. someone else said it had to do with windows gadgets, but i dont think i use any, unless they are pre-installed and ive never once used them?