Windows 7 RC won't display on my LCD TV with x1900


Jul 14, 2009

I'll do my best to keep this concise: With the windows 7 public beta, my htpc outputted to my tv just fine, but with the release candidate, it won't display beyond the swooshy windows logo. Windows does load fine from there, just nothing on screen.

Vid card is an ATI x1900, connected via analog to a 40" 1080p LCD tv. I've tried to install various versions of ATI drivers, 9.3, 9.31, 9.6, but windows seems to think it's driver (dated from march) is best suited. Any way to override that decision? Could it be something else?




Well, to "override" Windows decision, you can just try installing the latest driver package from AMD's website (Vista version). Keep in mind however that Windows 7 is a beta, and that some issues probably remain. Are you able to use another computer with Windows 7 on it with the TV?
Win7 RC has been kicking out errors and driver failure messages for my Sapphire 4870 1GB on a number of games, most recently with Crysis, Star Wars:KOTOR, and CoD:Modern Warfare. This is even with the latest Win7 drivers from ATI and any/all game patches. Funny enough, the only game that I have had success with in Win7 RC is Starcraft and Broodwar, but how old is that game?!?!?!

I've just chalked it up to the fact that it is an RC and not the finlaized retail version.

Some folks on these forums have stated that they have no driver or gaming issues with Win7 RC. Either they are very fortunate or they are not disclosing all information...I have my suspicions...