windows 7 shared disk access


Feb 20, 2014
I have a new computer that will not access the shared hard disks on another computer (vimserver-pc).
Other computers on this network can access these shared hard disks.
And the new computer can access shared disks on all of the other computers.
I can set up a Map with 2 network locations:
D (\\vimserver-pc) (Z:)
F (\\vimserver-pc) (Y:)
But if I click on them I get:
Location is not available
Z:\ is not accessible
Access is denied.
And the same for Y:
Like I said the other computers can map to and access these drives.
I have set “Change Sharing Options for different network profiles” on both computers as follows:
Turn on network discovery
Turn on file and printer sharing
Turn off public folder sharing
Use 128-bit encryption
Turn off password protected sharing
Checked “use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers”
And both of these disks are shared (the other computers can access them)
Advanced Sharing has Share the folder checked and Share Permissions for Everyone is full control, change, and read.
I have tried turning off the Windows Firewall and the Avast Antivirus which did not make any difference.
I have rebooted both computers without any difference.
I have rebooted the router without any difference.
I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit service pack 1 with all updates applied as of 10/18/16.

Is there some other setting that I have over looked?
Is there any way of determining what is blocking this connection?