Windows 7 STOP error :0x0000000A(00XFFFFFAA0096CCC68,


Oct 8, 2010
I had the STOP error 0x0000000A blue screen of death I formatted the disk and used recovery to put the Windows back on but, after loading the Windows when it gets to installing services goes to blue screen I have used external disk of Windows I get same result I cannot install Windows I have wide screen Sony model VPCEJ3T1E with 2x2 gig ram and I have checked my hard with 3rd party software it is ok and I changed the rams alone and in different slot I get same blue screen and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL CAN YOU HELP PLEASE


Mar 30, 2015
The incompatible device driver will create this IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL issue. Incompatible device drivers will lead to the blue screen error and some error codes. To resolve this issue you need to re install the incompatible device driver. You must make sure that you are installing the compatible device driver.
This bugcheck is a common programming mistake in a driver, the driver is running at a higher priority thatn the windows memory manager but then needs the memory manager to run and get something for it. The memory manager can not run because the driver has too high of priority. No progress can be made on the request so windows detects this and shuts down the system via bugcheck.

This can also happen if the drivers data becomes corrupted and it ends up trying to use a bogus memory access.

normally, if it is a driver problem you just update the driver (if you can figure out the name)
if it is a corruption problem you have to find the source of the corruption. That can be bad BIOS settings for RAM, other drivers that stomp on their memory, malware, viruses , rootkits, hacks, incorrect overclocking, overheating, power problems.

puting up the actual memory .dmp file is often useful to figure out these problems. Someone can look at it with a windows debugger and see why windows needed to shutdown the system.