windows 7 ultimate BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL


Apr 24, 2014
Hi everyone. i know there are tons of BSOD threads out there. i have read all of them but none of them like what i am experiencing with my PC. i have a few things that i suspect but i am still can't catch it, as mentioned in the title my only error message of the bsod is BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. like 99% of time. only once yesterday i got "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" error message but the rest are all the other one.

my Mobo is asrock extreme 3 970
AMD fx6350
Radeon R9-380
16Gb RAM hyper X fury 4x4
windows 7 64bit ultimate
2 HDDs 1TB
1 SSD 250GB
1 external 4TB HDD plugged in through USB3.0 24/7

I also have a windows 10 in my hard drive but that win is dead. again. the bsod issue happens on windows 10 are far more regularly. every 2 - 3mins or so. and it shows many different error codes. not just one. i think that win is dead. need to be reinstalled.

i have a creative sound card plugged in the PCI ex slot but it wasn't working very well so i stopped using it. i have it plugged in but didn't install the driver . for it. i am using the onboard sound driver

I have test my ram one by one and it returned no error or fault so unless the ram slot on the mobi is faulty. the ram should be working fine.

I checked my devices driver and i found one of the usb controller which failed to install a driver. and i couldn't find what is that device driver come from because all the devices are working fine. or do not need any driver

i also saw that my Razer deathadder appears in both mouse and keyboard device while i am using a thermaltake keyboard not razer's. i uninstall it and it will install itself again.

now i suspect that the bsod cause was coming from the HD audio driver from the graphic card driver has conflict wth the mobo onboard driver?

I doesn't cause bsod very often but yesterday it happened every 5mins. when i attempted to finish downloading a 30GB files that IDM will join all the file together in the last state. and it also happens when i attempt to install a game,

I can get into safemode no problem so i don't know what to do from there. is there a software help checking all the currently used driver is truely compatible with the OS ? or is there any suggestion for me. thanks in advance


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