Windows 7 Update, Black Screen now


Jul 17, 2008
I have read many topics with people very similar to mine, with the main exception that I cannot see ANYTHING on my screen, no mouse, no potential safemode startup. My screen is just not starting up as if it was dead. I also plugged in an external monitor, and it's black on that one too! I know its not a hardware problem, as this has occurred before, and when I sent the laptop in for repairs, all they did was a factory reinstall windows 7 for me and it worked again. However, I had no idea that the problem was related to Windows update KB2607712, thus I reupdated again last night. This morning, the screen failed to work again. I read all the standard solutions to fix this issue, but all require me to at least be able to boot up and see something on my pc. I cannot reinstall windows 7, nor use the repair function, nor safemode and system restore. I also can't plug in the harddrive into another computer due to lack of cables.

Any ideas on how to reactivate the screen for a little while at least? in order to system restore it. Or somekind of method that can boot of safemode on a blank screen? Thanks!

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