Question Windows 7 using half my ram speed

Nov 2, 2020
Hey there, im currently on a z390 on windows 10. Ive been watching a guy name FR33THY who teaches you how to install windows 7 on the motherboards. But i came into a problem my ram speed on my bios is set to 3000MHZ and when i use specy its currently clocked at 1500MHZ now when i was watching his video he has the same issue but im not sure if there is a way to get the amount of speed that you have it set to. If there is a way such as creating a new XMP profile or maybe using intelligent standby list cleaner what do i set my "list size is at lease" and my "free memory is lower than." or if i can create a new xmp profile how do i do it. IM currently using a ASRock Z390 Taichi with a i9 9900k. and 24 gb of ddr4 ram clocked at 3000MHZ?!