Question Windows 7 vs Windows 10??

May 28, 2019
I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install.
Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not.

Let me know your views on which to choose version of window.

Windows 10 auto update is annoying, but these updates generally make the system better other than a few occasions.
You can disable this feature through the registry.

Windows 7 is reaching end of life and shouldnt be installed on a pc anymore. Windows 10 is a better route and programs like classic shell can make it look and feel more like windows 7.

Windows 10 generally is a bit more lightweight.
Jul 23, 2019
Windows 10 is best operating system with latest features. But in Windows 10, automatically background applications running. You can disable these applications to go into Windows update settings. Windows 10 features that make best operating system:
  • New Start Menu
  • Cortana Integration
  • Microsoft Edge Web Browser
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Universal Apps
  • Improved Multitasking
  • Office Apps Get Touch Support


May 27, 2016
10 easily. 7 is EOL and I don’t get why people like it so much then turn around and say they hate Vista. 7 was literally just a rebadge of vista when they fixed it so people thought it was all new.


vista was killed by first impressions. Wrapping it in a new cover was enough to convince people that this "new windows" was better than vista, they learned that with an experiment they ran a few years into vista. Win 7 isn't exactly win vista with a face lift, they did change the kernel a little as it needs less ram to run than Vista did. Win 10 beats them all when it comes to what minimum ram it will boot with. Only XP beats it and that is cause average ram total for PC 20 years ago wasn't very big.

Peoples love for 7 is similar to all those that loved XP before, change is bad... it worked perfectly fine in the past, why change? The technology that Windows runs on has changed in 20 years, as has windows itself, so until win 10 was released, if Microsoft wanted to change something big, they would likely make a new versions around changes, or release a Service Pack. With Win 10 they just add it to a version update and everyone with win 10 gets it free.

on topic: you only get an update once per month, is that really too much to ask for added security and potentially less bugs. 95% of programs that run on 7 run on 10, the only reason to run 7 now is if the software you use needs XP compatibility, and if thats case, you need new software soon.