Question Windows 7 will not load unless i go into safe-mode first

Nov 17, 2020
I HAVE a problem where sometimes my windows will not load, it starts up and when the win logo is supposed to go to the arrow and spinning circle thing and load desktop it just goes black. after a few shut downs and win repairs it would go back to normal for a while.

recently (by mistake) i discovered the reboots and windows repairs arnt needed and found a sure work around. If i start by pressing F8 and choosing safe mode (which works) and then restarting from safe mode, it loads perfectly every time.

also once i load it once i can restart as many times as i want, problems start after complete shut down.

i can work like that its almost no hassle but i would like to know what you guys think is causing this.

important notes:

i changed windows installs from win 7 to ultimate with full format and my memory sticks are new-still same boot problem

when windows starts there are no more issues, you can game, browse


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We will need a little more information. Please list the specs to your system and with as much details as possible, like so:

Mind if I ask where you sourced the installers for the OS?


Apr 1, 2013
Looking outside of hardware conflicts, it could be some sort of virus or malware that rooted itself into the registry. Whoever invents these boogers really should be sentenced to prison.
I recall working on a computer years ago (2012), that had a boot sector virus. I worked a small computer repair shop black then and it would trash every attempt we made to start the computer. Even wiping out and reinstalling Windows 7. we were forced to repair it or safe mode start. A few times Windows would declare it's starting but just back screen.
We finally used the 'boot scan' feature in Avast! anti-virus. Upon restart, would first run a scan before Windows start up and of all programs except the bios.
Avast! did the trick. We were able to restart Windows and get it back to normal running use.
Some programs allow settings to be saved and it was thought the malware used this feature to saved itself upon repair or uninstall.
Avast! back then had a 30 day free to use. You may have to Google 'how to use Avast! boot scan'.
Hope this helps.
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Safe mode runs with only a minimal of drivers.
In safe mode, download and install the proper drivers.
Start with the motherboard drivers that came with the motherboard on a cd.
Then, look at other drivers like the video drivers.
All i want to know from experienced people, what it sounds like, i am not looking for a solution. all i need is a direction.
Indeed - since you ask for direction and not strictly a solution how to get W7 up'n running.

Then my advice is to get rid of W7 and rather get W10 if the computer is of newer model.

Or - dependent of the use of the computer - I'll also strongly recommend migrating to Linux. Find a distro that is relatively easy for beginners, eg. Linux Lite or Linux Mint. Takes some time to get used to if you've only being used to windows, but if you keep learning, you should never regret.