windows 7 will only start in safe mode after an update from microsft


Oct 18, 2014
I am hoping someone can help me two days ago my computer did an update and since then i can only use my computer in safe mode On looking in the updates it tells me that there is an issue but i am unable to remove them from my computer the latest update number is KB2858725.I have tried to get help via microsoft website but it tells me there is no solution to the problem they downloaded any help would be appreciated.I do not have the windows 7 disc as the computer came pre loaded and so of course we are unable to purchase the disc


You can download a disk image from Microsoft's online distributor at no cost: Digital River.

Be sure to download the same version that you are currently using. Burn the image to a DVD or create a USB stick with THIS tool and instructions.

I would try to do a restore to an earlier point than the update or uninstall it from the program add remove control panel. Note that you must open the Programs and Features control panel and look for Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.1, which was the update added by KB2858725 as far as I can tell.

If all else fails, you can do a repair installation, which requires you to reinstall all Windows updates since SP1. HERE is a tutorial.

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