Question Windows 7/Windows 10 Dual Boot System

May 23, 2020
I'm looking for a bit of advice please. I'm looking to create a dual boot Windows 7/Windows 10 for my workhorse PC.

I'm a music producer, so have lots of software and hardware configured to my Windows 7 PC, which would be a nightmare to set up again, so I don't want to just buy a new machine. I do need to go online however, hence the Windows 10 dual boot idea.

The machine's spec is:

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Abit KT7-RAID Motherboard
AMD Athlon Dual 2.3GHz CPU
1 x Samsung HD401LJ 400GB HD
1 x Samsung HD502IJ 500G HD

My thinking was to remove one of the older drives and replace it with a new 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SATA drive to install Windows 10 on. After doing some research I think the only way to do possibly do this is to install a PCI SATA controller card, but I realise it has to be bootable.

I'm looking for the best (if any) way to achieve this Windows 7/Windows 10 dual boot set up. Any advice and comments appreciated.

Math Geek

i think you're only option is to get the biggest ide drive you can and use that. an add-on card won't be bootable which makes it useless to you. if i recall right, 750gb is the biggest i have seen for ide drives 600457697 601329850 600003312

bit costly but then anything this old usually is.

i also am not even sure win 10 will have the needed drivers for that old mobo. worth a shot but you may end up with certain features that don't work.
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