Question Windows 8.1 Delay Connecting to Servers & Shutdown Hang

Mar 6, 2020
I've been having a very weird issue lately with my Windows 8.1 PC. Sometimes, when I start it up, it will take a good 1-2 minutes to establish a connection to any server I try to connect to. Once it connects for the first time, it'll be fine and work as expected for about ten minutes and then it'll need to connect again, which will take another 1-2 full minutes. Additionally, whenever this occurs, it will hang on shutdown and I'll have to power it off manually.

The problem might be unclear from my description, so let me elaborate a little bit. When I try to connect to, let's say, Google with my browser, it will sit there loading for 1-2 minutes and then the page will suddenly load. For about 10 minutes, I'll be able to search and do whatever I want on Google with a perfect connection, but when I try to connect to another website - let's say - it'll take 1-2 minutes to establish the connection, and then once that's done I can do whatever I want on until the system, for whatever reason, needs to reconnect.

When I open up the command prompt and do something like ping a website, something very strange happens. For 1-2 minutes, my command (let's say ping will simply sit there with the cursor blinking. After those 1-2 minutes and after the connection is established, it will then rapidly ping the website four times and give me the results like it's supposed to.

I can confirm that it's this computer specifically because other devices on the network work fine. It might also be worth noting that this used to happen during a single session (it'd go from working fine to being delayed after the computer had been on for a long time) but reinstalling the network driver seems to have stopped that from happening. Now it only happens sometimes (not always, and it's actually quite rare now) on startup.