Windows 8.1 Fails to Upgrade - URGENT!


Nov 22, 2015
My windows 8.1 Laptop reaches all the requirements for the Windows 10 Upgrade, But the installation process keeps failing. When I use the Media Creation tool to install Windows 10, the Download process is successful but the Installation process keeps failing --> . When I try to upgrade through the Control Panel > Windows Update , The Download Process is successful but when I have to restart, I am booted back to Windows 8 in less that 5 Minutes, the installation process doesn't even begin. I believe Windows 8.1 (My OS) is at fault because I had Windows 10 around 2 weeks ago but I decided to Factory reset my PC, I totally forgot about it being reverted to windows 8, now im unable to install windows 10 :( . I have tried Media Creation tool, Windows Update client, Deleting items in :)C) > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > Downloads - I did this to make sure the Update isn't corrupted and redownloaded the update multiple times. I have also updated my Region and Language in control panel and tried troubleshooting the problem several times, I don't know what else to do. Please help.

Heres my ReportingEvents.log file that recorded my Windows 10 installation. Click the link below: