Question Windows 8/10 No boot black screen help


Jan 18, 2014

TLDR; had a system that was working, was out of town for a while, it sat unplugged now i plug it in and cannot get to the OS, only BIOS. Boot drive is samsung 840 EVO 250GB, if i plug the SSD into another computer i can see a file structure

I need help recovering my data. I used this computer back at home played some Overwatch ( no issues) around Jan 2018 came back from school around April 2018 where the PC in question was sitting under my desk unplugged. I have tried booting it, i can not remember if it had any errors on post but i do remember that it did not boot to windows however i can get into the Bios/Uefi no problem. While it was still working i changed the cooler to an aftermarket tower cooler (instead of stock) and added more ram to have 16gbs (all Gskill ripjaws) not matching sets but still worked no issues.

Today trying to boot it as i have not been home , but thanks to Covid... i guess i am home now and can try and fix it. Im the Bios i can see the drive, it is the primary boot device but after exiting BIOS the screen stays black and then cycles back into the BIOS.

I have:

Removed the added ram (last hardware change)​
Swapped the Sata and power cable to the SSD​
Disabled fast boot​
unplugged my other Hard drives​
Additional Concerns: i Do not want to clear CMOS or anything cause i use my BIOS for the RAID 0, not sure if i can save the profile if it will keep the RAID configuration and all that works
I want to preserve the RAID as much as possible all of the storage was there. (i linked the SSD Documents, downloads folders to locations in the RAID.

I have an external 2.5 to USB adaptor and i can see the folder structure on another computer. Using HDSentinel and Aida64 i can see that the Drive is healthy Primary and recovery (NO EFI partition) The drive reports as healthy with 39 days power on 1.75 TB total writes, no errors.

Asus z97-pro-A​
i7 4790k​
4+4 ripjaws red + 4+4 ripjaws blue​
Asus R9-270x​
840 evo (boot drive) partition type MBR​
2* 1TB WD blue (RAID 0)​
650W Ultra power supply 80+ Bronze semi Modular​