Windows 8 - Fresh install but want to install to new drive


Mar 28, 2013
I recently installed Windows 8 through Windows downloadcenter and now I bought a new and faster hard drive which I want to use for Windows 8.

How can I install Windows 8 on the new hard-drive without getting problems with double Window 8 installation on two hard-drives?

Did you create installation media from your upgrade download? If not you will need to clone the Windows installation to your new drive.


What are you recommending for activating Windows from the fresh install? Or is that automatic with the downloaded media from the Upgrade Assistant? Windows doesn't activate with a clean install from the standard Upgrade Disk... I've been using the Refresh Install method...


Because you're trying to use an upgrade disk to do a clean install. That's not what an upgrade license is for, thus why it won't activate. Downloaded media via the upgrade assistant will activate if you use it properly... to upgrade from an older version of Windows for example :)

Ah, but... As the OP wants to legitimately install 8 on to a new drive having already performed the upgrade on the old drive, it won't activate without 1st having installed and activated say, Vista, under normal circumstances. I've been using the method whereby you install using the Product Key provided for the upgrade then immediately performing a refresh install upon which Windows is activated, saving the need to have an activated Old Version of Windows installed. (Mainly on laptops that require new disks but can't have two disks installed at once)


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