Windows 8: GeForce 210 Graphics are Glitchy/Pixelated


Jan 21, 2013
I have been running Windows 8 on my HP Pavilion m7750n PC with an Nvidia GeForce 210 graphics card. I was able to run both the preview and beta versions of Win 8 no problem using my GeForce 210 card. However, when I went to install the RTM version of Windows 8, the installation boots up into a glitchy, pixelated image with lots of artifacts on the screen. I had read back then that this was a driver issue and to remedy it, just remove the card and use the integrated graphics. This worked fine and I have been using the integrated motherboard graphics no problem now for months.

I recently tried to install the Jan 2013 Nvidia driver update in hopes of fixing this issue with my discrete card. It didn't seem to fix it. When Windows 8 boots, the image becomes glitchy and/or hangs the computer. I was able to get it to boot once or twice randomly, but upon restart, the problem resumes. I see other people are having this issue ( that I am having.

I have tried several versions of the Nvidia graphics drivers, but no luck. It seems from reading online this only occurs with AMD + Nvidia motherboards, which is what I have. There is no system BIOS update available for my PC. When I used this card on Windows 7, I had no issue at all. This only occurred when I tried to run the final Windows 8 version despite the two preview versions working fine.

Any help??? I really want to use the HDMI output this card offers so I can run dual-monitors. Thanks so much!