Windows 8, GTX460, Intel Q6600


Dec 21, 2012
This is a recent build, and I'm having a very irritating issue with it. When I plug my Sony HDTV via HDMI into the video card, my OS recognized that the TV is connected, I can access the display options for it, but when I attempt to send the desktop to the TV via the devices tab on the sidebar, there's a message saying "nothing can be sent from the desktop". This same video card worked perfectly with this function under both Vista Ultimate and Windows 7, and this is making me want to rip my head out. All of my drivers are up to date, my BIOS is the most recent version I can find, and there are no options or settings I can see to cause this to work the way it should. Anybody know of this issue, and how to correct it?

Oh, and the audio devices shows the TV as being recognized, but states it is unplugged and cannot be used.