Windows 8 Helpful Threads

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Windows 8 Helpful Threads

Boot Problems / Black Screen

* Windows 8 black screen after restart
* I'm having a driver power state failure error in Windows 8

Internet / Connectivity Issues

* Wifi won't turn on in Windows 8
* Can't connect to the internet with Windows 8

Upgrading and Activation of Windows 8

* Upgrading from 32 bit to 64 bit Windows 8
* Upgrading an unverified copy of Windows 7 to legal Windows 8
* Windows 8 Pro Activation Key Issue
* Windows 8 Installation Stuck at Preparing
* What do I do if I don't have the Windows 8 disk?
* My Windows 8 Installation failed.
* Windows installation was not successful.
* How-To perform an upgrade-install of Windows 8


* Windows 8 is using an extremely high amount of memory
* Windows 8 is slower browsing the web with Chrome, Firefox, and IE
* How do I stop my games on Windows 8 from lagging constantly?


* How do I create shortcuts in Windows 8?
* Windows 8 Sleep Mode is not working
* How do I install .NET FrameWork 3.5 on Windows 8?
* Windows Store isn't available on Windows To Go workspaces
* What to do when chanaging your desktop wallpaper doesn't work
* How to fix it when the "Change PC Settings" button doesn't respond
* How-To: Change lock screen, UAC settings, file/folder permission, etc.
* How-To: Get rid of Modern UI and much more
* How-To: get a start menu and quick launch in Windows 8 & other tricks
* How-To: A quick guide to Win8 hot corners and what they do.
* How-To: Live on the Win 8 desktop, no 3rd party apps required
* How-To: Make custom Windows 8 Metro tiles for your websites
* How-To: Stream Video and Audio Files to your XBOX360
* How-To: Insert hidden Windows 8 emoticons and symbols


How do I make a Windows 8 Recovery disk?
How to make recovery media on ASUS Windows 8 preloaded systems

Make a Bootable Drive

* How do I make a bootable USB drive with Windows 8?


* I'm having trouble downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7.

Driver Issues

* How do I make ATI Catalyst Control Center work with Windows 8?
* USB 3.0 ports aren't working for me in Windows 8
* Where do I find a Windows 8 driver for VIA High Definition Audio?
* How To: Reset Win8 MBR after Linux Dual Boot

Removing Malware
* How do I make ATI Catalyst Control Center work with Windows 8?

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