Windows 8 installing


Feb 2, 2010
I am boycotting Windows 8 because M$ did not deliver the familiar UI for desktop and laptop personal computers. I realize change can be fun but trust me, IT departments and network administrators find this new UI obsurd for their purposes. Young and old Home PC Users, in general are very dissastisifed with the W8 UI. Thank goodness it can be converted to the long standing Windows UI.

I do not work on W8 remotely because I invested many years learning the guts of Windows 95 to Windows 7. Not going to study Windows 8 but will study Windows 9 when it is released 'IF' the public finds it's WONDERFUL for desktop and laptop computers. (I am not a fan of smart phones and tablets simply because the have no use for me, a cell phone is all I need.)

Solution to Windows 8 problems in terms of navigation and UI. Google "Windows 8 Start Menu Download". You will find about 10 different third parties that have created decent to excellent Start Button/Menu/All Programs applications. One of my favorites is free from

As for Tablets and Smartphones, it's a good beginning for M$ to offer this touch-screen OS. However, IMHO they need to seperate out desktops and laptops and keep the Start Orb/Menu/All programs for those platforms.

Microsofts Hall Mark UI for Windows, which started in Windows 95 should remain a part of their OSes forever for Desktops and Laptops.

"Would someone suddenly build a car with no standard gas peddle and break paddle, then put the steering wheel in the center of the car with all the shift buttons on the dashboard? I think not...maybe some futuristic concepts but the car has remaind the same since it was invented. Why? Because it is logical, familiar and just plain smart.


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