Jun 1, 2012
Hello I'm Installing Windows 8 Release Preview on my pc with a Asus M4A89TD PRO/USB3 Mobo on a Raid 5 setup. I've done all the setup for a Raid I've done many before. I set ports 1-4 to Raid in the bios and I went into the raid setup and created the array with all 4 hard drives. The bios recognizes the array. Windows 8 does not recognize the array it sees each individual hard drive but says the disks' controllers are not enabled all except disk 0. I tried to install on disk 0 just to see what would happen and the install completed but when It rebooted the boot failed because all of the disks are in a raid so it could read the MBR. I have no idea what the issue could be I've had success with RAID on Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a different system. Any thoughts would be helpful.


It sounds like Win 8 doesn't have the needed drivers to recognize your raid set during the install. It's odd that the consumer preview did, but this version doesn't though. I would suggest going to Asus website, and finding the Win7 preinstall drivers for your board, and trying to load those during the Win 8 install to see if it then properly recognizes the raid set.