Windows 8 recovery disk questions


Dec 30, 2015
Okay guys, so I'm trying to sell my old gaming computer on craigslist, but I have one major problem. I had to purchase a new HDD for the computer because I am going to reuse the hard drive I have in it now and I need to put an operating system on the new HDD. However, I dont want to spend $100+ on a new operating system that I'm not even going to use. I thought that, since I upgraded to windows 10, if i buy the recovery disk for the HDD (i salvaged the motherboard and the HDD from an old HP Envy I had laying around) that I could put windows 8 on the old computer and still keep my copy of windows 10 on the HDD I will be using personally. However, I dont know if that will affect my product key in any way, or if it will render my current operating system to deactivate.

tl;dr: I want to use a recovery disk to make a copy of my old operating system, but I dont want to deactivate my current OS in the process. Any ideas?


You cannot both use an upgrade from your current W8 and use your W8 on another machine, if that is your question.

There is one problem -- it sounds like you are planning to use an old OEM W8 version on your new computer and upgrade to W10, and I do not think that is within the license of your old OEM W8 OS.

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