Windows 98 drivespace 3 "mount"



i'm using windows 98 drivespace 3 on a win 98 pc to read a drivespace 3 compressed usb dongle and i have got to the stage of "mount" but it appears to be jammed as it has taken over an hour so far to do it. i shall leave my pc on all night to see if it has completed by morning but if it hasn't are there any tips you could give me? thanks


Jul 26, 2010
File could be corrupted. Drivespace was not designed to work on USB dongles native though it is certainly doable. I`ve heard of people losing packages to corruption, and it`s certainly possible that the dongle itself could have suffered some sort of damage. What type of compression are you using? what file system is the usb dongle? One other thing to investigate is the usb drivers, sometimes incompatibilities can show up. Was this drive compressed from files on this computer? or is this from another older installation?
Why use drivespace in the first place? It all but kills your computer's performance... so your already slow, old computer will be even slower. Never tried using it on a USB dongle... but I can't imagine the results would be any prettier.