Question Windows 98 SE VM for 90s/2000s Games, have questions

Apr 11, 2019
Hello, I have VMware and I'm trying to build a ultimate Win98 gaming virtual machine with maximum power as possible, however I have some questions, explanation in detail will be much appreciated,

Windows 98 SE OEM Full Install (ISO from Winworldpc website)

-OS supports any rar program? like winRAR or Unzip, need this to unpack the games, drag and drop works but OS does not recognize the file type.
-What RAM limit Windows 98 have? 512MB is the max I can set?
-(sorry if sounds stupid but) 3D acceleration is supported?
-What GPU memory I can put max? 256MB?
-Windows 98 have regular blue screens like Windows ME?
-Can I plug in my USB drive into the VM? VMware have options for this, but not sure it will work or cause bsod?
-(sorry if sounds stupid but) Only 1 core I can put in to VM yes?
-VMware Tools completely works on Win98? or I have to do some manual driver install?
-Old games can contain serious virus/malware? Sometimes I need to unpack the game rar on my host computer to drag/move the files to VM (I have AV of course)

I will start creating the VM and will let you folks know about the progress, Thanks in advance and have a great day.