Windows 98 setup cannot install because of hard disk


Oct 19, 2009

Need some help please I have an old computer that I want to set up for my kids. I formatted the c: drive and wanted to install Windows 98SE (computer worked before formatting). I put in the Windows 98se CD and boot from CD ROM which then ask me to Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM which I select this option. After this I get a message that says:
Setup cannot install windows 98 on your computer. Your computer does not have a hard disk, Hard Disk is not functioning correctly, or hard disk requires a special device driver.

Now I just used the computer before formatting the drive it worked fine and had no issues with the Hard Drive so it should be functioning correctly. I do not have a special device driver as it is an old computer do not even remember if I got one.

Can anybody help me with my problem on what I need to do step by step Thank you


How did you format the hard drive? You could use fdisk from the Windows 98 CD.