Windows 98SE and System problems!


Jul 1, 2005
My old computer's setup:
Intel Celeron 500MHz Socket 370 (A)
256mb Hynix pc-133 RAM
Nvidea Riva TNT2 32mb
Seagate 8mb 5200rpm?
And some old motherboard i dont know of.

But it worked before until i started experimenting with it, taking it apart, learning how coolers work and so on. And now i need it back, i need a spare computer. At first I had Windows 98 SE installed from years ago, and i managed to get it up and running with the bare minimum, a monitor and a keyboard. I then wanted to start all over again and so i did:
C:\>format c: in MS-DOS. I downloaded Win 98 SE with CD Keys because i left my disc in my old house. I also downloaded a boot disk and burned them all to disc. I then set BIOS to run boot from CDROM and it looked like it all loaded:
[DR-DOS] A:\>
i then typed d:
[DR-DOS] D:\>setup
"this is the part where im confused because i did it so many times" It first showed up that there were two drivers that might cause problems when installing windows. I continued anyway and then it said,
Cannot create a temporary directory.
This may be caused by too many files in the root directory.

OKAY. I tried fiddling with things for a while, trying different copies of discs, pulling molex connectors from Floppy, CDROM, and harddrives and now my system won't startup at all. I can hear the power flowing, CPU and GPU fans running. But there are no front LED lights ligthing up and there is no signal to the monitor. I can leave it for hours adn it stays the same. What can i do?
Take it to your local computer repair shop, because [No Offence] but from everything you've posted, you don't have a clue as to what you're doing, take it to someone that does.

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Feb 9, 2005
I also wouldn't trust the download itself, even if the A/V scanner didn't detect anything. The packaged files could be corrupt or missing, which is possibly the main reason you're experiencing problems.

It's best to have an actual Windows 98SE CD that is also in good shape <i>in your hands</i>. Same goes for the Win98SE license. It's best to have the one that goes with the CD. The license you download from the Internet is used by many others as well. You'd probably be better off borrowing someone else's Win98SE CD and license.

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