windows account restriction


Oct 17, 2004

i have norton anti virus that comes with the built in firewall (i hate that...!!!). anyway, when in the FW app the intrusion detection is not enabled, when trying to enable it i get windows error (not norton error) that the settings could not b saved for my account is restricted.

so my Q is how can cancel this restriction?
@ 1st i thought it might do with the not legal product key i entered (and there for could not install SP1) but i changed the Product key and not i have a valid key but still i get this error.
i heard that there is some kind of app that cancel this restriction, any 1 heard about it?

anyway, for any info i will b greatful!!!

10x a lot :)
c ya


Sep 15, 2002
Can you install/uninstall software on your computer? If so then you are probably an administrative user so you have no windows restrictions. It has to be something to do with norton.
If you don't want the firewall portion of norton you should be able to uninstall just the firewall part of norton in add/remove programs.

Not having sp1 at least is probably causing lost of probs. I highly suggest you either buy an oem licence at least or find a better hacked key so you can put on sp1 or sp2.

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