Windows activation after clean install


Jun 21, 2016
I bought a new HP laptop which came with windows 10 home 64 bit. I activated it online. I want to clean install to remove all the bloat. Assuming I have the bootable USB created using Media Creation Tool, please help me with this.

1) I want to backup the stock OS, everything on the drive. Should I use the HP Recovery Media Creation tool that came with the laptop? It says I can create only one recovery and it needs 6 DVDs. Why is that? Or should I use a third party tool?

2) After I backed up everything and clean installed windows 10, what about the activation? I searched for it, but there seems to be conflicting info out there. How do I activate it, since no activation key came with it? They say it's in the hardware and cloud linked to my account.

Any links to tutorials for the above or a detailed response is much appreciated. I am new to windows 10 and HP. So I am being careful not to <MOD EDIT LANGUAGE> anything up.

Rogue Leader

There really is no reason to take a backup of the original image, still if you want to you should use HP's tool as it will make it exact to how it was when you got it.

As for the re-install the license is tied to your motherboard, once it connects to the internet it will validate itself. No key needed.