Windows AERO or Classic ?


Jan 23, 2013
So I'm using windows 7. And now I'm kinda confuse about how to use the theme to get maximum performance for my games. Is it better to use Aero theme or Classic theme. Coz I'm using GTX 650Ti and some says its better to choose the Aero since my graphic card support DX 11. But I'm thinking that if I use Aero and play the games, it will cost more power from my system and maybe also will effect the fps. So what is d best to choose? so I get the maximum performance for my games.. Thanks b4 :)
For the most part, I get the same performance regardless, however, Aero will steal a fair amount of VRAM, and occasionally, that lost VRAM can cost a massive loss in performance, especially in games with memory leaks.

I use this script to toggle it on and off if playing a game that is a resource hog:
@echo off
sc interrogate uxsms | find "1062"
if %errorlevel%==0 goto :sc_start
sc stop uxsms

sc start uxsms

Save that script in a .bat file.