Question Windows and programs would suddenly disappear

Apr 15, 2020
Hey all, hope you're doing good.
So I am facing this weird issue where I would be browsing or using programs and then they just disappear our close by themselves. What makes it weirder is that the rest of Windows would kinda 'collapse?' Meaning everything disappears gradually, so the task bar will be gone then the wallpaper and then I would be left with a blank screen and the cursor. The strange thing is I can still find the programs and basically everything else (tasks, service ..etc) running in Task Manager! Sometimes thing would get back to normal if I terminated explorer.exe and ran it again but the issue is still there and is unpredictable, and sometimes I am just forced to restart my PC.

I tried doing the sfc scannow thingy but no corrupted files seem to be present.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Much thanks!


Win 10 Master
what are some details about the PC? Custom made or brand name? how much ram do you have?

Have you run a anti virus scan?

I can't think of anything that would cause programs to just close. Especially desktop.