Question Windows automatically booted into safe mode, cant access task manager

May 8, 2020
Some kind of malware is on my laptop and i cant find it, windows restarted and booted into safe mode, i cant access task manager cause the virus wont let me to

This also happened yesterday, tried some antivirus programs like eset and windows defender but they didnt do much so i couldn't find any solutions for it and had to fully reinstall windows, and today the same thing happened again.

I also tried deleting some registry entries that stop me from opening task manager but after restarting the system entries come back again


First of all stay out of the registry - that is a last resort and should only be attempted if your data is fully backed up and you are prepared to do a full clean Windows reinstall.

Second, update your post to include laptop's full hardware specs and OS. Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition.

Third, when the laptop boots into safe mode are there any messages or pop-up windows? What was the last thing you remember doing before the problem started: some configuration change on your laptop, did you visit some website, note or do an update, perhaps a new application or utility was installed?

Fourth, once booted into safe mode look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that may have been logged when normal boot ups failed.
see if you can hit this website from the infected PC/laptop, and select "Run now from SysInternals Live"

Some malware will lock you out of that as well, and, if so, try renaming it something else, downloading it to a flash drive from an uninfected system, and running it from a flash drive...

Likewise, see f it allows 'freefixer' to download/run....