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Question Windows BSOD crashing on startup, sometimes runs fine and runs for hours and can crash whilst running.

Jun 18, 2021
A few months ago I started getting random bluescreens loops, but eventually I could start the pc and run it for a while, even restarting it and it running well for a while until i turn it off for a few hours and it crashes. I do play on it alot so the hardware is pushed. The crashes became more frequent so eventually I:

ran dschk, all good
replaced the motherboard
ran memtest86 for 3 hours (13 tests ran 4 times to no errors).
took out my spare harddrive (windows is running on a SSD which is under 5 years old).
ensured the BIOS is up to date.
Ran through several windows update checks.

B450 tomahawk max II MSI
16 gigs RAM (unsure of what RAM it is)
amd rx 580
ryzen 5 2600

The bsods have been: (sorry if i miss any)

Here are some of the crash dumps:


I ran the dump files through the debugger and got the following information: https://jsfiddle.net/69em30gL/show This link is for anyone wanting to help. You do not have to view it. It is safe to "run the fiddle" as the page asks.
File information:061821-17578-01.dmp (Jun 18 2021 - 09:07:30)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: SearchApp.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 1 Hour(s), 50 Min(s), and 06 Sec(s)

File information:061821-17093-01.dmp (Jun 18 2021 - 07:16:56)
Probably caused by:ahcache.sys (Process: wermgr.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 14 Hour(s), 27 Min(s), and 25 Sec(s)

File information:061721-19281-01.dmp (Jun 17 2021 - 16:48:49)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: OverwolfHelper64.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 01 Min(s), and 23 Sec(s)

File information:061721-18593-01.dmp (Jun 17 2021 - 16:46:43)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: System)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 07 Min(s), and 00 Sec(s)

File information:061721-17343-01.dmp (Jun 17 2021 - 16:39:00)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: svchost.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 04 Min(s), and 01 Sec(s)
Possible Motherboard page: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450-TOMAHAWK-MAX-II
You have the newest BIOS already installed.

This information can be used by others to help you. Someone else will post with more information. Please wait for additional answers. Good luck.
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Win 10 Master
do you have an nvme?
1st crash mentions storahci.sys, from memory it ties into nvme drivers.
2nd one was parts of windows crashing
try this -
right click start button
choose powershell (admin)
type SFC /scannow and press enter
once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:

Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth and press enter

SFC fixes system files, second command cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC
crashes 3 & 4 weren't obvious
crash 5 looks like its lan drivers. mentions ndu.sys which is Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver

update realtek lan drivers, grab Win10 Auto Installation Program (SId:1152921505693508652) under the windows header here -

try updating chipset drivers - https://www.amd.com/en/support/chipsets/amd-socket-am4/b450
not sure what caused error 1,
try updating ryzen master, should be newer version.
Jun 18, 2021
Done everything here except the second command after SFC /scannow (which reported back with corrupt files which where successfully repaired), as the command was not recognised. It had crashed a few times and just recently I installed the new chipset and I am waiting to see what happens, I'll let you know what happens.


Win 10 Master
If SFC was able to fix everything you may not need to run this

as the command was not recognised.
the spacing is rather exact on that command

this is its alternate version in command prompt

open command prompt (admin)
copy/paste this into line (spacing is important or you will get error 50)

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

then after its finished, run sfc/scannow again and restart PC.
Jun 18, 2021
My computer crashed multiple times yesterday until I ran the command stated above, where it then ran for the rest of the day without crashing(5-10 hours), this morning my computer crashed multiple times on start-up and it crashes during usage sometimes, I received a new BSOD; DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

edit: would like to mention I am getting alot of errors in BRAVE browser since the crashes have started, (STATUS_ACTION_VIOLATION).
Jun 18, 2021
can you give us the dump files for the new crashes unless you didn't get any. Sometimes bsod at startup aren't recorded.

did you update realtek lan drivers?
I did update the lan drivers, my computer now no longer recognises my SSD as bootable and will not boot at all. I then took out the ssd and attempted to install windows 10 on a hdd, which keeps on crashing with kernal mode trap and driver irql more or equal.

Edit: managed to install windows on the hdd, however still crashing, will post some dmp files asap.
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