Question windows BSOD Memory_management then PC won't boot with dual channel RAM 12800

Aug 7, 2020
Yesterday my PC was running just fine but suddenly i got a blue screen with error code: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. then i try to boot my pc again but it won't even boot into BIOS. after that i tried to re-insert my RAM but also no result. then i remember i have my dad's old pc and still got a RAM inside. i tried with my dad's pc RAM which is a single channel v-gen 2GB 10600 RAM and magically my pc boot into BIOS. and then i tried mixing it with my 2x8GB v-gen 12800 RAM, it boot up at first and i even saw the memory is being read in the BIOS. after i boot up to windows and check task manager i have 18gb RAM but only 1.96 usable. after a couple of minute, my pc got the blue screen again saying the same error code. i tried to boot my pc again but my windows completely broke and it says i need to recover it with recovery tools. what should i do with this? is it there a problem with my motherboard or what? please kindly help me with this case.

things you guys should know are; my PC can only boot with my 2GB 10600 RAM. other RAM like my dual channel 12800 won't work. i tried buying new dual channel 12800 DDR3 RAM but it won't work either. i really thought my RAM was broken since i had it for 6 years.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3 (rev 4.0)
BIOS version: F3
RAM: 2x8GB V-GEN 12800 DDR3, 2GB V-GEN10600 DDR3
Windows 10 Pro x64-bit

edit: forgot to put my windows version.
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