Question Windows can not connect to a network unit.


Dec 26, 2014
I am trying to connect my ubuntu gaming station, but for some reasons windows can not connect to the ubuntu pc. I know that the ubuntu pc has pre shared folders, but when i type in the ip adress for the pc windows just says can not connet to \\\ BIOS which is one of the shared folders.
I have no anti-virus/ firewalls then Windows deffender, i tryed to turn of Windows firewall with no luck. When i try to use WinSCP i can connect to it but since i am getting to the root of the system i can not accses the folders that i want since they are on a Micro Sd card.
If i try to put the SD card in my computer, Windows does only recognice it as a boot disk and are not able to work with it since it is a ubuntu file system.
So does any one have any suggestions of what i can do to make the units talk togther, or is it some sort of program which allow windows to mange ubuntu file system? Thanks for all help:)