Question Windows clean install failed after deleting hhd and ssd partitions partition

Jun 1, 2019
After having stability problems I attempted a clean install of Windows 10 from a USB. The clean install progressed to the installation of windows but failed saying it could not continue due to corruption in the installation. I rebooted the computer from the USB and the Windows install now gets stuck on the "Setup is starting page" after I have clicked on Install windows.

The computer is Clevo/metabox laptop


1070 Gtx

32gb ram

500gb ssd

500gb ssd

1tb hd

Whilst deleting the partitions it would not let me delete one of the partition for one of the ssd drives .

I have also recreated the install files on the USB and tried to install again but it still get stuck on the setup page.


Win 10 Master
You probably need to wipe the drive you were installing on and start again. If you restarted windows during the install process, it's not going to just start from where it was up to. That likely explains why you getting that last error.

I would unplug one of the ssd while you install on the other, as windows may put the boot partition on the wrong drive if its given a choice of 2 blank drives, and that is a pain if the 2nd drive is ever removed/replaced, as windows won't boot then.