Windows Corrupted/ WHEA Uncorrectable Error (Please HELP!)

Jan 3, 2019
So i am in a big situation here. Let me start from the beginning, i was playing games on steam and everything was running fine up until i started having a little memory leaks or something i started dropping frames like my screen was freezing every ten seconds or so and then all of a sudden a few minutes later my pc crashes. Now i try to boot it up, it starts booting up i log in and 5 seconds later it crashes. Then i get stuck in a reboot loop and recieve an error message WHEA Uncorrectable Error and then im not able to get into my desktop at all i tried booting safe mode and following every step i possibly can anything i touched having to do with updating windows it crashed in safe mode so safe mode didnt help much then i got to the point where it was hours and hours not being able to reinstall windows or able to repair windows not even able to diagnose it. So i now factory reset everything to and tried to reinstall windows fresh i am at the point now where nothing works i cant even log in it says administrator and the no password works trust me i looked up the issues to this too and nothing worked either.

Now my issue is i cant reinstall windows at all it goes to the point where i start installing windows on my harddrive i format my all my drives fresh wipe and then it starts downloading it then restarts to only load up to say "we've run into a problem" windows was unable to install and WHEA uncorrectable error has popped up again. I tried reinstalling windows so many times but nothing works i can even boot into safe mode at all i can even log in or see my desktops i only get to the blue troublshooting screen i tried opening CMD and running chkdsk and all the other things blah blah blah not even that works.

So one of my friends suggesting
1: Delete windows and install Linux Ubuntu, after that use linux and reinstall windows again
2:install windows 7 or 8 somehow?
3: Buy a new Harddrive
4: Take apart my pc build and rebuild it again
5: I dont wanna do this but go back to my old motherboard/ram/processor
this is my current build as of now

Update: i just cycled through ram slots i used 1 stick in each slot 2 slots dont allow the pc to boot but the other two allow it to boot i have 4 slots #4 and 3# dont work alone #2 and #1 work alone but Number 2 and 1 work when both are occupied but 1 and 3 doesnt work neither does 2 and 3 or 3 and 4 could i have a motherboard issue or PSU issue?


WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) Errors are called by CPU but not necessarily caused by them.

Try running memtesst86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 8 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.
If you find a stick you know works, try using it to test the slots that aren't working now.

DO you have latest BIOS for motherboard?
Is CPU overclocked? remove it if it is, as they can cause WHEA errors.
have you tried running without the GPU and see if you still get errors.

As it appears to be hardware I would try a minimal install, 1 stick in a slot that works, no GPU (run off motherboard if possible), only boot drive, no extra peripherals or PCI cards. Need to reduce the amount of parts to see if it still happens.

Try running this on CPU - its a bootable version of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool -

Linux can also get WHEA errors