Question Windows corrupts every time I install any kind of drivers.


Nov 8, 2018
So, recently my laptop started to reject any and all kinds of drivers and or updates. it all started when i updated Windows on my laptop and for a couple minutes it was fine, but then it started throwing GPU driver errors and hard locking my laptop, after reboots it would work fine for a few short minutes and hard lock again, the more you tried to use it, the less time it took for it to hard lock itself, until one reboot,

Windows wasn't even loading past the Windows logo boot screen, I knew it was corrupt, and it lead me to believe that the Windows update killed it, so I reinstalled windows and tried to download basic windows drivers for the iGPU on the CPU, but it installed everything at once and it also installed my AMD Radeon 8670M drivers aswell, and it did the same things as the first time, hard locking my laptop until windows completely corrupted, I've heard of AMD drivers corrupting PC's, but why now?

This laptop worked perfectly for more than 2 years for me (I got it as a hand-me-down from my cousin who treated the laptop well). So after again having to reinstall windows (After many failed attempts at making it work.) I just downloaded a program that stopped windows from doing any updates and stopping it from installing any drivers.

I'm here to ask a simple question, Is it possible for me to somehow fix it as without the GPU graphics it can't play any games, the screen looks blurry because it's not using the full resolution of my laptops screen and I can't adjust the brightness at all.