Question Windows crashing while gaming

Apr 13, 2021
Right so this happens randomly i can be on any game i can play 1 to 4 hours more or less but randomly my screen goes black for 5 minutes then I'm back at the login screen for windows or it will take ages to boot I iv checked the event viewer I have event id errors 6008, 10010 7034 7000 kernel power 41 and error code 14
now iv reinstalled I have also had a new motherboard ram CPU and aio cooler

I'm running

asus crosshair vIII hero (wifi)
ryzen 9 3950x
corsair 64gb ddr4
Zotac 2080 ti
I'm using Samsung 980 pro nvme which is new
EVGA 1600 supernova p2

when gaming temps
Cpu 62
the graphics card is 62 when gaming 29 when idle

i also used windows, 10 verifier, to test all drivers that aren't Microsoft I I restarted and didn't get blue screened at all I tried them individually as well I notice the main one I get is 6008 which I think indicated a thermal issue I can only assume its the PSU any help would be greatly appreciated