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Question Windows Defender begins to use tons of CPU when launching a game


Dec 4, 2017
About 80% of the time when i try to play a game that has Easy Anti-Cheat (like Paladins or Apex Legends) Windows Defender goes berserk and anti malware executable begins to hog all my cpu, basically slowing down my entire PC. It does this for about 5 minutes and then calms down and goes back to normal

I’ve tried adding the games, it’s folders and the anti cheat to the exclusions but defender still runs anyways. I’ve also tried reinstalling the anti-cheat, as well as the games. The only way i’ve found to avoid this problem is to disable the real time protection before launching, and once i’m in the game i can re-enable it and it’s fine.

I also have everything up to date.

I’ve been considering just switching to another antivirus like BitDefender or Kaspersky, but i’d like to save that as a last resort.
Any help would be appreciated
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Jan 25, 2015
Same issue here, setting the games .exes and respective folders does nothing in the long term either sadly. This is an issue I see many people trying to bring attention too yet none of the forms I've found have a proper solution. Only temporary band-aid fixes that will randomly get pealed off out of no where. I too would like to keep using Windows Defender yet it seems like the only solution is to switch to bitdefender until Windows takes their head of of their ass and fixes this as this wasn't an issue a few updates ago for Windows 10.
A lot of this anti-cheat software tries to hide itself from other processes, so it's probably running copies of its executable from elsewhere in the system, and doing all it can to prevent other software from interfering with it, similar to invasive malware, which is likely where the problem comes from. Unless you are downloading and running other software while the game is running, it's likely fine to disable the scanner while you play, so long as you trust the game.