Windows detected a hard disk problem after factory reset?


Jul 8, 2014
I have a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320, not that old at all. I tried downloading a game, and then got the BSOD. I had to reset my PC, lost everything I had, but ended up starting from scratch. Now, every so often, I'm getting a message saying "Windows detected a hard disk problem. Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss...". I right clicked on the "faulty" hard drive for error checking, no errors were found. I tried HD Tune Pro, and that's telling me "warning" for health status (05) Reallocated Sector Count (failed) is in red, and (C4) Reallocated Event Count (warning) is in yellow. Does this mean I have to replace the hard drive? The computer was working totally fine until that BSOD. Now it works and all but I keep getting that error message. The laptop is not that old really, and never any physical damage, but perhaps past warranty. I dont really have anything left to back up, since I lost everything when I reset it to factory state. Any advice?

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