Windows detected a hard disk problem even on new hard drive and new windows help!

Jan 16, 2019
hey, sorry if ya'll have seen this a million times, but i'm worried for my PC.

A few months ago i got the message that my windows detected a hard disk problem, and i completely ignored it (popped up a few times for a few days then never did again) until one day i came home and saw my computer was full black screen with "reboot with new boot device", so the way to fix this was to unplug my D drive, turn PC on, turn it off and replug it, and it'll work. If i tried it with my SSD C drive, it wouldn't launch, so i thought my D drive was the problem. So i just kept getting the boot device messages whenever my computer was on too long (over night). I decided to get a new hard drive today and completely reinstall my windows because its been 5 years. Well after installing windows today and my new D drive, i got the same message pop up, but this time i clicked more info and saw that it was my SSD C drive. So idk if it was my SSD the whole time or not because i didn't check before.

I googled fixes to this, i ran sfc /scannow and said there was nothing wrong, i checked and went into disk management and said its healthy. So whats the issue? my friend told me to post here, because you guys might know, is it a motherboard issue? or the cables connecting to the hard drive.

I should probably add that for the past month my PC would randomly freeze when i'd be streaming or playing fortnite, or overwatch for like 20 seconds. (happened more when streaming). I don't know if itll still happen, ill have to find out. I also got this error "0x80070005" pop up whenever i'd close fortnite or when i'd be closing my PC, again, idk if it'll happen since it's been a few hours on the new windows.

Hard drive is "KINGSTON SH103S31120G ATA device"
motherboard is "Z97x-gaming 5"
Processor is "Intel i7 4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz 4 core

Heres a screenshot of the windows error

Thanks for reading, do i just get a new SSD? it'll be so annoying since i just went out and bought a new 2nd harddrive.

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