Question Windows devices no longer seem to be working! ?


May 2, 2012
Ok so i am completely lost here..
We have a couple of laptops and a family pc.
Unfortunately in our study/office I haven't run Ethernet cables yet so we are all on wireless and never had an issues.

a couple months ago our home PCs connection went to $**t.. I figured the Wifi adapter had possible burnt out or gone faulty..
So i ordered a new one.
unfortunately I have the exact same issue.
plus my wife started complaining about her wifi speed.
now here's where im stumped..

my laptop (linux with killer wifi) gets great consistent speed no matter where in the house and in the exact location as the other laptop and pc, it gets full speed. our phones in the same location gets solid consistent speeds on wifi with mobile data turned off.
But my wifes laptop and home PC get terrible download speeds but the ping and upload are fine.
ive hotspot from my mobile to both the laptop and PC, we dont have the best phone reception in the house put when hot spotting to the wifes laptop in an area with good phone reception - the speed is great. even hot spotting to the PC is still about 5mbs with terrible phone reception.
when connected to ethernet via a long cable - no issues.

which makes me rule out a hardware issue.
we have this same issue regardless if its 5ghz or 2.4ghz network (dual-band router).

the only difference i can come up with is both the home PC and wife's laptop OS is Windows.

any help or advice would be much appreciated because im completely lost here!

ive tried removing and download/updating drivers, ive tried almost everything i know how and still cant manage to fix the downlod speed issue on either device.

have a 50mbps connection.
my Linux laptop will get 5 ping, 51mbps download and 18-20mbps upload
phones gets 5 ping, 48mbps & 18mbps upload
wifes laptop and PC get 5 ping, .5 mbps and 18-19mbps upload

on ethernet everything gets 5ping 52mbps upload and 18-20mpbs upload.

if anyone can help me figure this out, would be hugely appreciated!!


ISP, make and model modem, make and model router (or modem/router if combined)?

How are they connected? What cables are being used? What is printed along the side of the cable(s)?

Check that only one network adapter is enabled on the laptop and home PC. If your network environment is all wireless then there should be no wired adapters enabled anywhere.

Disable IPv6 - especially if not supported by your ISP.

= = = =

On the laptop and home PC run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Post the results.