Question Windows do not recognize my external ssd as an ssd


Jan 20, 2017
I have a samsung evo 850 ssd connected using a usb3 hub and a usb3-enclosure case.Trim is set in the windows. As i understand trim is set for the os, not for each individual ssd

Windows (defrag) and some programs (like samsungs own magician and iobit defrag) do not recognize the ssd as an ssd, but as a hd. however auslogic does recognize the ssd as an ssd. (The pc internal ssd is recognized as such-also in windows.)

So i wonder how delete/trim is working for such an ssd.
If i use a fileexplorer and deletes a file, will it uses windows info to decide if trim is to be used or can i trust the usb3 driver or the ssd itself to decide if trim / delete should be used.

Im using bcwipe and i was asking them if the bcwipe would use trim or not, and they answered : look if trim is set for windows, I was a bit worried that they could not clarify and maybe even dont understand the question. Just put i clear: auslogic defrag deletes temporary files, so IF i want to enforce trimming, as a workaround i could rename the files i want to delete to *.tmp, and auslogic would use trim. but that would be a bit too much

Crystaldiskinfo shows that the ssd supports trim, but will that make sure that when a delete command is send to the ssd the trim command is used, but then there would be no need for setting trim for OS?.

Even If i trust auslogics programs to use trim, can i look anywhere to see if its used in reality?

(is there an info for the ssd showing how many bytes is "deleted" and how many bytes is "trimmed")