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A 7.5 is not "bad", as the rating only goes to 7.9. I typically don't put much faith in the ratings in WEI unless they are way out of whack (say you got a 2.5 for your RAM). If you don't see any performance issues I won't worry to much... Your system is fine.
Duh, WEI for 2000 MHz RAM would indicate you're not running @ 2000 MHz. My assumption is 'stock' 1066 MHz. My 1600 MHz CAS 8 Dominator's peg the WEI at 7.9. {My wife's slower CAS 9 1600 MHz Dominator's are 7.8}.

Q - What values have you changed in your BIOS?
Q - What speed is the RAM per CPUz {JEDEC #4/XMP} on the SPD tab? Remember DDR = double data rate i.e. 2000 MHz; JEDEC = 1000 MHz & 1066 MHz; JEDEC = 533 MHz.
Q - Are you OC'ing the CPU?
Q - What EXACT RAM do you have? Are they CMX6GX3M3A2000C9 9-9-9-24 ; Keep in mind 2000 MHz RAM without OC'ing your BCLK is very difficult to keep stable.

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